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Canadian Football GM (CFL), Arena Football GM (AFL), and US Football GM (USFL)

August 30, 2015 - (Comments Off on Canadian Football GM (CFL), Arena Football GM (AFL), and US Football GM (USFL))

Football GM is our game most similar to the NFL. However, we also have three other versions that are based on different past and current leagues.

Canadian Football GM (CFL)


10 Teams
Up to 3x as fast as Football GM
Canadian Football game rules

Arena Football GM (AFL)


16 Teams
20 Players Per Team
50 Yard Field
High Scoring
Up to 4x as fast as Football GM
Arena Football game rules

US Football GM (USFL)


18 Teams
4 Divisions
Similar rules to Football GM
Based on the USFL football league from the 1980s

Feel free to get team name files, report bugs, ask questions, or request new features at our Football GM forum /r/ZenGMFootball .