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College Basketball Coach now available!

August 30, 2015 - (Comments Off on College Basketball Coach now available!)

Play College Basketball Coach!
Play Big Five! (4x faster)
Play Seasons!

General Features:

  • Player recruiting takes into account distance and team prestige.
  • Conference (CT) and National (NT) tournaments.
  • Huge number of teams
  • Game Specific Variations:

  • College Basketball Coach: 320 teams, 20 Conferences, 20 CTs, 64 team NT
  • Big Five: 80 teams, 5 Conferences, 5 CTs, 32 team NT, 4x faster
  • Seasons: same as College Basketball Coach, but maybe 2x faster due to no player stats
  • The forum for College Basketball Coach is /r/ZenGMBasketballCoach. You can find team name files, report bugs, ask questions, or suggest improvements.