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LOL GM Now Available!

December 16, 2015 - (Comments Off on LOL GM Now Available!)

Play LOL GM!

General Features:
  • Sign players, adjust your roster, and try to win a championship.
  • Edit any team and import team files
  • Edit any player and import roster files
  • Edit any champion and import champion files
  • Edit any champion patch and import patch files at the start of the league or anytime with an existing league
  • Game Specific Variations:
  • LCS (10 teams) (LCS Championship)
  • LCS w/ Ladder (30 teams, 3 conferences) (LCS Championship, CS Promotion, LCS Promotion)
  • LCK (10 teams) (LCK championship)
  • LPL (12 teams) (LPL championship)
  • LMS (8 teams) (LMS championship)
  • Worlds (57 teams, 6 conferences) (World championship)
  • If you find any bugs feel free to let me know. For the more gamebreaking and/or simple I’ll try to get those fixed right away.

    The subreddit for LOL GM is /r/ZenGMLOL.

    Next I am going to review the game sim for both football and baseball. After that I’m hoping to finish Hockey in January. The subreddit for Hockey is /r/ZenGMHockey. After Hockey I plan on upgrading all the games to be more in line with the features in Basketball GM