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Hockey GM Now Available!

May 23, 2016 - (3 Comments)

Play Hockey GM!

Unique Features:
  • NHL style and KHL style game types
  • User can choose a draft between 2-7 rounds
  • User can choose a minor league between 0-23 players depending on the number of rounds in the draft
  • The subreddit for Hockey GM is /r/ZenGMHockey.

    Next I am going to review the gameSim for Football GM. After that I plan on upgrading all the games to be in line with the features in Basketball GM. This will give all the games such features as Multi-Team Mode, Auto-play, and more! Our oldest game is Baseball so that will start seeing new features come first. Next to join will be Football, then Hockey (it was actually started in late 2014), and then College Basketball and LOL will join in seeing new features.

    After all the game upgrades are done we hope to be on top of any needed bug fixes (best places to let us know are e-mail, baseball@zengm, or posting on the game’s subreddit) and should continue to roll out new features. We also have tentative plans for Soccer GM and CSGO GM over the next year.