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Baseball GM Upgraded! Now also play College Baseball Coach!

August 24, 2019 - (Comments Off on Baseball GM Upgraded! Now also play College Baseball Coach!)

Play using our combined link at play.zengm.com.

We now have basketball and baseball upgraded. Some of the new features for baseball compared to our old version at baseball.zengm.com are

  1. Better scheduling
  2. You can now play college baseball.
  3. You can now play the combined version with both college and pro baseball. This allows you to start as the worst college team and work your way up to the best pro team (job offers at the end of each season allow you to switch from college to pro if you are doing well enough).
  4. Improved WAR calculation that is more flexible depending on how each league plays out.
  5. Stats and ratings are converted to actual baseball variables on the backend instead of just the front end user side (only matters when dealing with json files for users). If you have an existing Baseball GM league you can import it in and it will convert it for you.

There are also a lot of general features that come with the upgrade such as:

  1. Improved speed (could be 5-10x faster)
  2. Team records page
  3. Player awards page
  4. God Mode options
  5. Options in game (such as automatically deleting box scores or retired players) that don’t require God Mode
  6. many more!

The next step is upgrading College Football Coach and then Hockey.

If you come across any bugs or have any questions feel free to e-mail at commissioner@zengm.com or contact us through reddit at /r/zengm or the sport specific subreddit. Thanks!