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New options: hard/soft cap and flexible playoffs

October 22, 2019 - (Comments Off on New options: hard/soft cap and flexible playoffs)

For pro leagues you can now switch between a hard/soft cap using God Mode.

For the pro basketball league structure you can now also adjust the playoff format (# of rounds, # of first round byes, # games in series).

You can read more background into this at https://basketball-gm.com/blog/2018/11/new-options-hard-soft-cap-and-playoff-byes/

For Zen GM in particular, you can use the pro basketball format for baseball and for college if you want to experiment with different playoff structures. For baseball you can use God Mode to change the number of games (but you will lose some baseball scheduling structure). For college you will lose the CT.

In the future I’ll look to bring this flexibility to the NT, CT, and baseball league formats. For now I’m planning on finishing bringing football over.

Quick bug fix update: the ROY for baseball sometimes broke the season summary page if the player was a pitcher. This is now fixed.