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“Untouchable” players and picks in trades

October 12, 2019 - (Comments Off on “Untouchable” players and picks in trades)

At play.zengm.com (which currently has Baseball and Basketball updated) you can now restrict trades to not include certain players.

This feature was brought over from Basketball GM. In the next few months I plan on bringing over any remaining feature gaps between Basketball GM and play.zengm.com. Once that gap is closed I anticipate keeping the code bases pretty much in line with very lit gap going forward.

For this particular feature you can read the full details in the original post https://basketball-gm.com/blog/2018/10/untouchable-players-and-picks-in-trades/.

Bug Fix

There was also an issue with the OVR in imported files after the last update. I reverted a change I had made there until I debug it better. The version is 2019.10.12.