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Upgraded Layout, Dark Mode, Better Linking Among Games, Bug Fixes

October 9, 2019 - (Comments Off on Upgraded Layout, Dark Mode, Better Linking Among Games, Bug Fixes)

Upgraded Layout

Once you get play.zengm.com refreshed you will see the layout has been overhauled. One key feature is the addition of links to the side bar on the left that were before kind of hidden above in dropdowns before.

Dark Mode

In the Tools area you can now switch from Light Mode to/from Dark Mode at play.zengm.com.

Better Linking Among Games

I’ve added links to play.zengm.com in the other games. I’ve also added links to the games yet to upgraded at play.zengm.com (Hockey GM, College Football Coach, and Football GM) so users can have easy access to those as well. It is possible users of some games aren’t aware of the rest of games. So hopefully this reduces this across all the games.

Bug Fixes

Here are some bug fixes that were done along the way at

  1. At play.zengm.com the baseball playoff home/away has been fixed.
  2. When you import a league it will recalculate OVR to be in line with current OVR formula (mainly an issue for users of excel files that create custom rosters that may have been given players an OVR).
  3. Fixed the Footer links and version so they show more reliably.
  4. Fixed the basketball game log showing the baseball version of OT

Updated Year

For some of the games I had let the year get stale. I’ve updated that for the core games along with adding the play.zengm.com link. (FYI, you can change the year to anything you want by importing a file with the year. You can go to Tools/Export League and export the Game State to see all the things you can modify.)