I initially found a game called Basketball GM in early 2014. It was a single-player sports simulation game for Basketball. You could make trades, set rosters, draft players, and try to build the next dynasty, all from within your web browser.

I thought it was a great game and wondered if it would be possible to make even more sports using it as the game engine. So that is when I e-mailed reddit user dumbmatter about my idea. From that ZenGM.com was born.

Basketball GM had only been public since the Summer of 2013. In my first year in 2014 I released Baseball GM and then Football GM. I then followed with more sports and also began focusing on upgrading the games. Here is a rough timeline of Zen GM’s history:

Some of what is planned going forward is as follow:

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To learn more about the origins of Basketball GM, the gameplay philosophy, and the technology of the site you can read this