Indie game dev, maker of sports management simulation games.

Every day, users simulate over 70,000 seasons in our games. Why don't you try one?

Our games all follow some core principles:

Completely free
No in-game purchases, no "pay to win", no microtransactions. You don't even have to log in or make an account to play.

Minimal micromanagement
Simulation games need depth, but they need the right amount of depth with a UI to help you make sense of it. We seek to avoid mandatory micromanagement as much as possible. Video games should be fun, not tedious.

Our games are deeply customizable through an in-game "God Mode" or custom league files. We also make our source code available so you can see how our games work and play around with the internals.

Play our games in any web browser on any device. Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile - it all works. No downloads, no installation, no special permissions needed.

About Us

ZenGM is currently just one person, me. My name is Jeremy aka dumbmatter. You can reach me at or on social media.

I started working on Basketball GM in 2008. Originally it was a hobby project to scratch an itch and hone my programming skills. Over the years it slowly grew into what it is today, a collection of multiple web-based sports simulation games enjoyed by tens of thousands of users. It's been a crazy ride, and I think the best still lies ahead!

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Other Games

These games are ports of old versions of Basketball GM to other sports. Currently they are not under active development, but in the future we will bring them up to date with Basketball GM, Football GM, ZenGM Baseball, and ZenGM Hockey.

These games are even older and have been mostly replaced by the games linked above, but are still available if you want to play them in their original form.