Advanced Player Search

July 20, 2024-

I've been working on this new feature for the past few weeks and I'm really excited to announce it because it feels like more than just one new feature. The new "Advanced Player Search" page (available in the "Stats" menu) solves multiple feature requests that I've gotten many times over the years:


Cap on fickleness of superstars

June 18, 2024-

This is a small change that you probably won't notice, and in a lot of seasons it won't even do anything. But in some situations, it makes the game less annoying.

This suggestion came from sebastmarsh on Reddit where (in addition to making some good feature suggestions) he has been posting about the strategy/tactics he has used to basically beat BBGM. Like he won 100 championships in a row in insane mode, that's basically beating the game.

One of the things he found annoying was related to re-signing really good players. With the player mood system in BBGM, really good players are less likely to be willing to sign with you. The thinking is that they are so good that they can afford to be picky. That makes sense and isn't changing.

The annoying part was for really really good players, like MVP caliber players and beyond. For those players, even if you do everything right, they still can have a decent chance of leaving your team. Because of this, you sometimes find yourself hoping your player doesn't get too good. Like if you already have an MVP, you might hope he doesn't have another year of good progs, because at that point he might be so good that he refuses to re-sign and you're basically forced to trade him.


Gzip compressed league files

This is a small feature, but it gets a blog post because it needs a little explanation.

The Export Leauges screen now has an option to apply gzip compression to league files, and you can now import gzip compressed league files.

This is what the option looks like (except for a few of you using old browsers that don't support it):


View signed free agents (not just available ones) on the Free Agents page

The latest update adds two new features to the Free Agents page. It now supports showing signed free agents, not just available players. And it also lets you view past seasons to see what players were signed then.


Shootouts - in all sports!

April 16, 2024-

In the NHL, there are no ties. Games still tied after overtime end in a shootout, where players from each team take penalty shots to see who the winner is. So it makes sense to add that to ZenGM Hockey. And I did, in the latest update. But I did even better than that. I added shootouts to every sport!


New achievements

March 19, 2024-

Recently someone posted on Reddit about how he completed all the achievements in Basketball GM. In response to that, here are some new achievements!


New "Compare Players" feature

March 13, 2024-

Having some convenient way to compare players is a very common feature request. For example, here is a post on Reddit from 2013 asking for it, to which I replied "That's a good idea. I'll add it to my list. Thanks!"

Well now it's off the todo list!


2023 traffic stats

January 1, 2024-

Every year I post some traffic stats here. It's a fun tradition because the numbers keep going up. I'm sure that won't last forever, but it did for 2023. For the 11th consecutive year, my games have grown in popularity!

Total play time was 453 years. That means that every day, more than a year's worth of time was spent playing my games. Or another way to look at it is that, for the entire year, every second of every day, an average of 453 people were playing a ZenGM game.

Basketball GM is still by far my most popular game and grew the largest in absolute terms (number of users or amount of time played), but the small ones ZenGM Baseball and ZenGM Hockey grew at the fastest rate. Overall, play time increased by 15% over last year.

I am very grateful for the love and support you guys constantly show me. Thank you for helping ZenGM have yet another successful year!

2023 traffic stats:


5 new international teams, 3 new American teams, and 4 rebranded teams

December 25, 2023-

Merry Christmas! My present to you: 12 new logos!

As always, thanks to users on Reddit and Discord for suggesting names and voting on them, even though I decided to overrule some of the results :)


Basketball game clock rewrite

The play-by-play in BBGM has always been a little weird. If you looked at it closely, you would notice some strange and unrealistic things related to the game clock. Today a bunch of that is fixed. Here's a list of some of the changes you might notice: