New achievements

March 19, 2024-

Recently someone posted on Reddit about how he completed all the achievements in Basketball GM. In response to that, here are some new achievements!

These ones are available in all sports:

And these are only in Basketball GM:

I also added some more info to be displayed when you're picking a new team:

Some of that is intended to make the Around the World achievements a little more manageable, but mostly I think it's just useful to know this stuff.

Also, I am aware that some of you would have won these achievements in past leagues if the achievements existed at the time. Your past leagues/seasons will not be scanned for these new achievements. You have to win them in a new league. I will make an exception for Around the World 3, because that one is really difficult and I know a few people have posted on Reddit/Discord about doing that before. If you are sure you've earned Around the World 3, message me and include your username and I will grant you the Around the World achievements on the honor policy. Please be honest!