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Achievements in Football GM

Today I added some achievements to Football GM. You can see them on your account page. Most of them were copied over from Basketball GM with some small modifications.

The current achievements are:


New achievements

Today I added some new achievements to Basketball GM. You can see them on your account page.

Most of these were suggested by users, so if you see something here that you told me about, even if it was a long time ago... see, I am listening!

The new achievements are:


New Feature: Achievements

It has come to my attention that some people are doing things besides constantly playing Basketball GM. The game just isn't addictive enough. Maybe part of the problem is that the game has always been self-paced. There's no way to "win", and there aren't any real objectives other than ones you define yourself.

Well, now that's changed. Today I added an "Achievements" system. This provides some challenges you aim to accomplish, like sweeping all 16 wins in the playoffs, winning a title with a low payroll, and winning multiple consecutive titles. See them all here.