View signed free agents (not just available ones) on the Free Agents page

The latest update adds two new features to the Free Agents page. It now supports showing signed free agents, not just available players. And it also lets you view past seasons to see what players were signed then.

You can access these features at the top of the Free Agents page, where there are two new dropdown menus. The first lets you changed from showing Available players (which used to be the only option, and now is still the default) to either Signed or Both:

When you're viewing the current season, Both is cool because you can see the result of free agency live in the table. When you sim and players get signed, their contract and team will be displayed, rather than just disappearing.

You can also select past seasons, which will show a list of free agents signed that season.

In this context, a "season" is a "free agency season", meaning that it starts in the free agency phase of the season and continues up through the end of the regular season in the following calendar year. So when it says "2024-25" that means "from free agency in 2024 through the regular season in 2025".

One caveat is historical data in old leagues. Due to limitations in how contract data is stored, contract values will not be shown here for seasons simmed before this update, instead they will show up as $0. I chose to do this because fixing the data in old leagues would be slow and also not 100% accurate. But even in old leagues, this feature will start working for seasons you sim from now on.