Cap on fickleness of superstars

June 18, 2024-

This is a small change that you probably won't notice, and in a lot of seasons it won't even do anything. But in some situations, it makes the game less annoying.

This suggestion came from sebastmarsh on Reddit where (in addition to making some good feature suggestions) he has been posting about the strategy/tactics he has used to basically beat BBGM. Like he won 100 championships in a row in insane mode, that's basically beating the game.

One of the things he found annoying was related to re-signing really good players. With the player mood system in BBGM, really good players are less likely to be willing to sign with you. The thinking is that they are so good that they can afford to be picky. That makes sense and isn't changing.

The annoying part was for really really good players, like MVP caliber players and beyond. For those players, even if you do everything right, they still can have a decent chance of leaving your team. Because of this, you sometimes find yourself hoping your player doesn't get too good. Like if you already have an MVP, you might hope he doesn't have another year of good progs, because at that point he might be so good that he refuses to re-sign and you're basically forced to trade him.

So in the latest update, I capped the mood-based fickleness so that it doesn't keep increasing forever. Instead, players above some threshold (roughly MVP-level players, although really it's based on some combination of ovr/pot/age) won't become less likely to sign if they improve.

This does make the game easier, because if you get a superstar it's more likely you'll be able to keep him. But it also makes it less annoying. So I think that's a good tradeoff. And it's a subtle effect. You won't really notice it much except for incredibly good players. Like for a normal MVP it's a small effect, it really only is substantial when you have an MVP level guy who progs even higher.