Teams Customization

If you haven't already, first read the customization overview.

This is the simplest format to define teams in a League File:

  "version": 43,
  "teams": [
      "tid": 0,
      "cid": 0,
      "did": 0,
      "region": "Atlanta",
      "name": "Gold Club",
      "abbrev": "ATL",
      "pop": 5.3,
      "stadiumCapacity": 50000

The contents of each team object is as follows.

It is also possible to specify much more information, including results from past seasons and team statistics. To see how those are defined, look at an exported League File from one of your leagues. Also note that for values that can change over time (basically everything except "tid"), values are also stored in the "seasons" array for each team, one for each season.

ZenGM Baseball works best with 30 teams, 15 in each conference, and 5 in each division. If you have more or less teams, it will still work, but generated schedules (and maybe some other aspects of the game) will be less balanced.

If you also want to change the number of conferences or divisions, read this.