New Improved Trade AI

February 15, 2014-

The trade AI in Basketball GM has never been that bad, but people still found ways to exploit it. As I fixed those exploits, the code grew and grew and grew to the point where it was too confusing to manage.

So I ripped it all out and started over. Now, there is a new and (hopefully) improved trade AI. It was always decent at valuing current player production (that's easy, just look at the stats), but my main goal here was to improve how it valued other things. Like draft picks, overvalued/undervalued contracts, injured players, etc.

Specifically, I tried to fix all of the following loopholes:

However, with something this complicated, I undoubtedly made some mistakes. Either by not sufficiently fixing the loopholes listed above or by introducing new loopholes.

So please, if you notice any weirdness about the trade AI, let me know in a comment here or on Reddit.