New customization features: full league import/export and custom draft class import

This post is to announce two new features that have gone live over the past couple weeks that should enhance the customizability of Basketball GM: full league import/export and draft class import.

Custom Draft Class Import

Previously, custom roster files could define draft prospects up to three years in advance. However, if you wanted to play a historical league with many years of pre-defined draft picks, that was impossible. It was also impossible to do fun stuff like NBA Y2K.

Now, you can define a partial or complete draft class in a file and upload it to replace the randomly-generated draft prospects for any season. You can do this by going to Players > Draft > Future Draft Scouting and clicking "Customize" for the desired season.

Full League Import/Export

For a long time, there had been a feature called Export Rosters which could be used to export the players in a league. However, due to technical constraints, it was not possible to export a full league, including all of the stats and game state. Now, when you look in the Tools menu, Export Rosters has been replaced with Export League. This allows you to export absolutely all of the data in a league.

This opens up a couple cool possibilities:

  1. You'll be able to copy entire games between different computers easily, just export on one and import in the other
  2. You'll be able to add a lot more detail to the custom rosters that some of you are making (and BTW all the old custom roster files should still work)

Elaborating on point #2, here are some things you can do in a custom league file that you couldn't do before:

More detail on all of these new customization features is available in the expanded Customization section of the manual. Probably not enough detail is there currently, so as always, feel free to ask any questions you have about customization. The best places to get help are on Reddit and by emailing me.