Fixes to player positions, heights, and weights

May 21, 2015-

    As Jalen Rose likes to say, positions were just created so a novice can follow the game. For that reason, positions don't actually mean anything in Basketball GM. They give you an idea about what a player can do (PGs can handle the ball and pass, Cs are big guys who play inside, ...). But there is no rigid position system. You don't need to start exactly one PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. You just need to start guys with all the skills needed to play winning basketball.

    However, the positions setting algorithm has long been an embarrassment. That is now fixed. You should see more reasonable position labels for your players, and positions change over time as players age and their skillsets change. You can see the past positions for a player by looking in the ratings table on the overall Player Ratings page or on individual player pages.

    (One exception: if you're using a custom roster you downloaded from somewhere, player positions won't change over time, because that seems to create too much confusion if the custom roster has weird player ratings in it.)

    Similarly, the displayed heights and weights of players also don't really matter (the hgt rating does, though) and they were kind of weird as well. They should be a little less weird now.

    All of this should have very little impact on gameplay, but should make it look slightly more realistic, which is important.