One thing I like about Basketball Reference is their Frivolities page. It's a bunch of unrelated tools that are mostly useless unless you have some very specific curiosity. And it's awesome! Not everything needs to have mass market appeal. Not everything needs to be serious and important. Frivolities are great.

Now Basketball GM (and Football GM) has frivolities too, as of version 2019.05.27.0877. Within a league, go to Tools > Frivolities to see them. Currently there are four tools - two of them inspired by Basketball Reference, and two of my own.

Most Games, No Playoffs - like Basketball Reference, this lists players with the most games played who never made the playoffs.

Relatives - lists players with relatives in the game. It also lets you click an individual player and to view his immediate family, and from there you can click other family members to explore the family tree. There is a link pointing to the individual family page from a player's main profile page if he has relatives.

Roster Continuity - like Basketball Reference, this is a color-coded visualization of year-to-year changes in roster composition.

Tragic Deaths - a list of all the tragic deaths that have occurred in your league. This would be a little dark for Basketball Reference I think, but for fake players in a video game, it's good clean fun!