New dashboard UI

October 22, 2019-

The "dashboard" is the screen you see here listing all your leagues. I just gave it a facelift. The old one looked like this:

Screenshot of old dashboard

The new one looks like this:

Screenshot of new dashboard

I think the differences are pretty evident from just looking at the screenshots or trying out the new dashboard. But I just want to mention a few of the improvements...

  1. If you have many leagues, it's much easier to manage them in the new UI. View them in a table, sort the table however you want, search and filter however you want, and click the "star" button next to a league to add an extra indication of your favorite leagues.

  2. The "Created" and "Last Played" dates will also help organization. Your recently played leagues will be at the top. The ones you haven't touched in a while will be at the bottom. These dates were not previously tracked, so for existing leagues, the "Created" column will always be empty and the "Last Played" column will fill in when you play it.

  3. You can rename leagues! Just click the three dots at the end of the row and then click "Rename". Previously there was no way to do this.

  4. You can now import leagues too, by clicking the three dots at the end of the row and then clicking "Import". This allows you to create a new league that overwrites a current slot. Most people will have no use for this, but if you find yourself exporting and importing the same league over and over again, this will help you avoid having hundreds of leagues without having to manually delete old ones. Probably people in multiplayer leagues will find this most useful.

Overall, this is nothing that exciting, but hopefully it is a small quality-of-life improvement for you! If not, please let me know so I can continue to improve things.