Real rosters back to 2005

Last week I released real players in Basketball GM, based on current rosters. Today I'm releasing real players for every season back to 2005. Select the season when creating a new league.

These rosters include players, teams, awards, relatives, contracts, and future draft classes.

It is not perfectly realistic. Some of that is simply because it's new. Please give me feedback and I will improve the rosters. But some of it is because Basketball GM is not a perfect simulation of reality, so it cannot 100% accurately represent the real world. I'm trying my best to strike a balance between simplicity and realism, but there is always room for improvement!

At its core, the historical rosters are made similarly to the great work nicidob did generating historical rosters from stats. In addition to some small changes to the ratings generation model, I added several things to the rosters:

Let me know if you think something could be improved, particularly about missing players or ratings that need a little tweaking.

Here are some known limitations of the current historical rosters:

Expect to hear more news in the near future about most of these limitations.

But in the mean time, I hope you have fun with the rosters back to 2005. And please give me feedback so I can continue to improve the rosters and the rest of the game too.