More draft lottery types

May 12, 2020-

Part of the fun of using real rosters back to 1956 is watching league rules change over time. Historically, the draft lottery sure changed a lot. And today, Basketball GM just got much better support for historical draft lotteries.

You can switch your league to any of these new draft types in the God Mode settings, or if you're playing a historical league the draft type will automatically change over time.

The new types of draft lotteries are:

Coin flip: A random coin flip to determine the top 2 picks, like the NBA from 1966-1984.

Random, lottery only: Non-playoff teams draft in random order, like the NBA from 1985-1986. You can see why Jerry Krause wanted to tank in 1986 when Jordan was injured for most of the season and the Bulls almost missed the playoffs!

Random, first 3: Random lottery for the top 3 picks, like the NBA from 1987-1989.

NBA 1990: Weighted lottery for the top 3 picks, like the NBA from 1990-1993.

These 4 new options are in addition to the previous 4 options:

NBA 2019: Weighted lottery for the top 4 picks, like the NBA from 2019+.

NBA 1994: Weighted lottery for the top 3 picks, like the NBA from 1994-2018.

No Lottery: No lottery, teams draft in order of their record, with non-playoff teams coming first.

Random: order the draft completely randomly, with no regard for team performance. Each round is randomized independently, so a team could get the first pick in one round and the last pick in the next round.

The main missing piece is territorial picks, which existed in the NBA before 1966. Besides that, Basketball GM should now be pretty realistic.