Basketball GM is now my full time job

January 29, 2021-

I started working on Basketball GM back when I was in college, in 2008. It was an on-again off-again hobby until 2012, when I got this crazy idea to make the whole game run in a web browser. In 2013 it got its first bit of publicity. That felt incredible at the time. I went from basically no users for years, to thousands of people trying my game in a single day! Sure, within a few days almost all of that traffic disappeared, but still! Thousands!

Social media buzz is a crazy thing. Even crazier is that in 2021, every single day BBGM gets more traffic than it did on its first "big" day in 2013.

Meanwhile, I've just been plugging along, working on BBGM in my spare time as I've gone through college, grad school, and a couple different jobs. And as I kept working on BBGM, BBGM kept growing. Finally it has grown to the point where I can't just call it a "side project" anymore. So I quit my job. As of today, my new job is working on Basketball GM, Football GM, and maybe even other projects!

So if you enjoy playing BBGM or FBGM today, and if you've been happy with the recent improvements to the games...

Wait and see what I can do working on it full time :)