Head-to-head team results

February 9, 2021-

It's common to want to know the history between two teams. What's their all time record? What about playoff matchups, or when they met in the finals? Previously in Basketball GM there was no way to know this without looking through old box scores and playoff brackets.

But now that has changed! Head-to-head results between teams are now tracked (albeit only for games from now on), and the data is viewable on two new pages.

First is the leaguewide overview, which you can see at League > History > Head-to-Head. It looks like this:

This is showing the winning percentage for every matchup between two franchises. The filters at the top let you filter to an individual season or just the playoffs or regular season, but the default is to show all games from all seasons.

The gradient highlighting is new to BBGM too. Previously there was a crappy version of this in a couple places, with 3 distinct colors. Those places (the Roster Continuity frivolity and the player ratings popup) now also use gradients similar to the Head-to-Head table.

There is also a Head-to-Head page for each individual team, showing a bit more detail than on the giant leaguewide table. To get theire, either click the team name in the row of the giant table, or go to Team > History > Head-to-Head. It looks like this:

This was inspired by the similar pages for NBA teams available on basketball-reference.com, but in BBGM you get a bit more detail, especially about playoff results. And like the league Head-to-Head table, you can filter by season and by regular season or playoffs.

Also included in this latest update are a few more changes that I might as well mention here, although you can always find the latest updates on the changelog:

As always feedback is welcome on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, or just email me at jeremy@zengm.com :)