Players can now play through minor injuries

May 31, 2021-

New feature in version 2021.05.31.0967 - players can now play through minor injuries.

You can control what your team does with these new sliders on the roster page:

Screenshot of the Play Through Injuries sliders

There are separate sliders for the regular season and playoffs because there is risk involved in playing through injuries. The injury rate is 50% higher when playing through an injury, which includes the possibility of a player either reaggrivating his current injury or getting a new injury.

Additionally, the earlier a player comes back, the worse he will play. "90% performance" means a 70 ovr player will perform more like a 63 ovr player.

In box scores, a yellow injury icon means a player is playing through an injury:

Screenshot a box score with an injured player playing

In a live sim, if that yellow icon switches to red, that means the player was injured again and will miss at least the rest of the game.

One other injury-related change... last year, I decreased the duration of injuries in the playoffs because it was really annoying to see your star sit out with a minor injury. Now that players can play through injuries, I got rid of that adjustment. Playoff injuries are now the same as regular season injuries.