New "Compare Players" feature

March 13, 2024-

Having some convenient way to compare players is a very common feature request. For example, here is a post on Reddit from 2013 asking for it, to which I replied "That's a good idea. I'll add it to my list. Thanks!"

Well now it's off the todo list!

The new Compare Players page lets you select 2 or more players. Then it lists their biographial information, ratings, stats, and awards in a table. The player with the best value is highlighted in green, and (if there are more than 2 players) the worst is red.

You can compare individual seasons or career stats. And the stats can be regular season, playoffs, or combined.

Access this feature by going to Players > Compare Players, or by following links that I hope you will find convenient in various places, such as:

Let me know if you find those links to be a little too much, or if there are others you'd like to see.

For non-basketball sports, positions matter a lot more. For example if you're comparing 2 quarterbacks, you don't care that they both have 0 made field goals, and many other irrelevant stats. So in all the non-basketball sports, it filters the displayed ratings/stats to be relevant to the positions shown.