If you have a problem, please tell me! I want to make ZenGM Hockey as bug free as possible.

When you are reporting a problem, please include as much information as possible. At a minimum, include this information along with a description of your problem:

Additionally, ask yourself a few other questions:

Is the problem only in one league?

If there is a problem affecting just one league, try exporting your league (Tools > Export League). If that works, try creating a new league from that file and see if that fixes the problem. If the problem still exists, please include the file with your message.

Is there an error message in the JavaScript console?

If you want to be extra helpful, try to report the specific error message that occurs. To do this, open the JavaScript console of your web browser and see if any error message gets displayed there when you observe a bug. For example, if the draft won't start when you press the "Start Draft" button, then enable debug mode, open the JavaScript console, and try pressing it again. You will probably see an error message that will be very helpful to a developer trying to fix the bug.

Low on hard drive space?

Read about Quota Errors if you're getting errors about hard drive space.

Last resort

If nothing works, you might need to do a Hard Reset.