New feature: Multi Team Mode

Today I added a new feature to Basketball GM called Multi Team Mode. Multi Team Mode lets you to control multiple teams within a league in the same way that you control one team by default. This enables a few new ways of playing Basketball GM:

To try Multi Team Mode, create a new league or load an existing league. Enable God Mode (in the Tools menu) and then a new option called Multi Team Mode will appear in the Tools menu. Click that and it will let you select one or more teams to control.

I want to go into a little more detail about how Multi Team Mode works and what exactly the differences are between normal gameplay.

When you enable Multi Team Mode, a little dropdown box appears in the bottom right corner of your screen that allows you to switch between the teams you control. Use this to take any action as a specific team - like ordering a roster, making a trade, signing players, setting the budget, etc.

The draft is a bit different. During the draft, you don't have to switch between teams to make all your picks. It will just pause whenever any of your teams come up and allow you to make the pick. But besides that, you need to use the multi team menu to switch between teams to manage them.

One other caveat: in the normal game, all player ratings are imprecise. They have some "fuzz" added to them depending on your scouting budget. But this doesn't really make sense in Multi Team Mode because you'll see different ratings for players as you switch between teams. So in Multi Team Mode, fuzz is disabled. That means the scouting budget does nothing in Multi Team Mode. I'm not sure if there is a better solution than this. Let me know if you have any ideas.

So in conclusion, I'm really excited about this feature because it opens up some new ways of playing the game. Please let me know how you use it!