12 new frivolities

After you've played several years in a league, it can be fun to go to Tools > Frivolities and ask questions like "which player has the most relatives?" and "who had the longest career without ever making the playoffs?"

If you enjoy the current frivolities, then I think you're going to love the 12 new ones I just added today! All available in the same place, Tools > Frivolities, in both Basketball GM and Football GM. The main frivolities page has also been redesigned, and individual frivolities now contain a menu linking to all other frivolities for easier navigation.

The new frivolities are:

Best Players Without a Ring - The best players who never won a title.

Best Players Without an MVP - The best players who never won an MVP awards.

Best Progs - Largest single season ovr increases.

Biggest Busts - Top 5 picks with the worst careers.

Biggest Steals - Late picks (2nd round in BBGM, 5th+ round in FBGM) or undrafted players with the best careers.

Career Earnings - Players who made the most money.

Hall of Good - The best retired players who didn't make the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Trash - Worst players who actually got some playing time to show how bad they are. The formula for this is pretty basic - lowest career PER for players who have been in the league for at least 3 years and have played at least 500 minutes. This frivolity is not available in Football GM because it is harder to come up with a formula to find bad football players.

Most Times Traded - Players who were passed around like... you fill in the blank.

Most Years on One Team - Players who were loyal to one team for the longest.

Oldest to Play in a Game - The oldest players who actually played.

Worst Injuries - Players who experienced the largest ovr declines due to injuries.

Most of these ideas were suggested by users. If you have any more frivolities you'd like to see added, please let me know.

It is purely a coincidence that this is just one day before the 1 year anniversary of the original frivolities feature. I didn't even notice until I went to write this blog post!