A bunch of new options for league creation: challenge modes (no draft picks, no free agents, no trades, no visible ratings), player development realism, and more

Today I added a bunch of fun new features to Basketball GM and Football GM. They're all available when you create a new league, by clicking the "More options" link at the bottom.

Different types of leagues will have different options available. This is what you see when creating a new "real players" league in Basketball GM, which has almost all of the new options available:

Some of those options (challenge modes and real player development determinism) are also available in God Mode, where you can change them in any existing league.

What exactly do all of these new options do?

Additionally, when creating a new "random players" league, you now have the option of specifying the starting season. This was always possible from a league file, this just makes it easier.

With so many new options introduced at the same time, I'm sure there will be some bugs. Please let me know if you notice any!