Game Highs, like the most points each player scored in a game

August 29, 2020-

Basketball Reference has a lot of cool features. One of those cool features is Game Highs, where on every player page you can see a table of their highest single game statistical outputs, broken down by season or career. So for each player, you can see the most points, rebounds, assists, etc. they ever recorded.

Now Basketball GM has a very similar feature, also called Game Highs. You can view it in two places. First, in the Game Highs table on each player profile page:

And second, you can also view them by going to the Player Stats page and switching the stat type from "Per Game" to "Game Highs":

Since it tracks game highs per season, you can view either single season highs or career highs for each player.

Just like at Basketball Reference, each of those links goes to the box score of the relevant game. Although keep in mind that by default box scores are deleted after 3 seasons, to save space. You can change that at Tools > Options.

Game Highs are only shown for seasons played after this update, not for past seasons. But they will start showing up in all your leagues, even ones created before this update.

This feature has been requested many times in the past, most recently yesterday, so I hope a lot of you will enjoy it!