New feature in God Mode to select the winner of a game before it's played

I just added a fun new feature to leagues with God Mode enabled. Now you can determine who wins a game before you sim it.

On the Live Sim page you can set the winner of any of today's games:

And on the schedule page you do it for any of a team's scheduled games, including buttons at the top for bulk actions:

Behind the scenes, this works by repeatedly simulating the game until it finds a simulation with the desired result. After 500 simulations, if the selected team has not yet won, it starts gradually tilting the scales, similar to how home court advantage works. After 1500 simulations that are gradually more and more biased towards the selected team, you're almost guaranteed to have one turn out right.

Update, 2020-10-19

Well I got some feedback since releasing this yesterday.

Dooby Moogey on Discord found several little bugs that have been fixed. He also suggested I change the UI from a dropdown list to two buttons, which you can now see in the screenshots above.

There was also a small outcry from the multiplayer community that this would make cheating too easy. It is true that cheating is always possible, but it is valid to be concerned with it being too easy. To deal with that, I made it visible in the UI when a game was rigged. In the schedule, the game log, and the scores at the top, rigged games show up in purple:

And at the bottom of box scores, you can see the number of simulations it had to run to find one with the correct winner:

If the text is green, the simulation was "pure", meaning it was one of the first 500 tries where no bias was added to the simulation.