Built-in teams update: new teams, secondary logos, and more

May 17, 2021-

There's a few new things related to the built-in teams:

New teams

Please give a warm welcome to the 8 new teams in the BBGM/FBGM/ZGMH universe.

Austin Armadillos

Buffalo Wings

Hawaii Honu

Jacksonville Gators

Ottawa Spiders

San Francisco Unicorns

Toronto Raccoons

Virginia Beach Colonists

Some of these teams are now default teams in new leagues.

In BBGM, the San Francisco Unicorns and Toronto Raccoons now replace the previous default teams in those cities.

In FBGM, the Buffalo Wings and the Jacksonville Gators replace the Sacramento Gold Rush and the San Diego Pandas; and the San Francisco Unicorns replace the old SF team.

In ZGMH, there are a bunch of changes. In the Atlantic division, Buffalo and Ottawa replace Cleveland and Indianapolis (and Toronto gets its new team). In the Metropolitan division, Virginia Beach replaces Baltimore. And in the Pacific division, the franchises stay the same, but a couple of them are now in new cities!

Thank you to everyone who suggested and voted on these names, although I'm slightly disappointed we didn't wind up with the Buffalo Buffalo :)


Some franchises have moved to new cities:

Calgary Mounties

Montreal Beavers

San Jose Venture Capitalists

I'm sure they will miss their old fans in Montreal, Toronto, and San Francisco, respectively. But it just had to be done. Why?

Calgary: Mounties are apparently more common in Western Canada, so it makes more sense to have that team in Calgary than Montreal, even though it loses the alliteration.

Montreal: Montreal is more associated with Beavers than Toronto, so it makes sense to move them too. That also made room for the Toronto Raccoons which is now one of my favorite franchises.

San Jose: The top venture capitalists have offices closer to San Jose than San Francisco, and the San Francisco Unicorns is a great name to replace it (a big man who can shoot and defend the rim, or a tech startup worth more than $1 billion). It was also kind of silly to have such a long city name team name combo - "San Francisco Venture Capitalists" often took up too much space.


A little while ago I asked you guys what the worst logos in the game were. Here are the results of the poll. I didn't pick exactly the top choices, because actually I like the Cleveland Curses and Detroit Muscle logos. But I agree that the old logos for the Chicago Whirlwinds, Seattle Symphony, and St. Louis Spirit were all pretty bad. So now there are new ones!

Chicago Whirlwinds

Seattle Symphony

St. Louis Spirits

I hope you agree that they're all big improvements over the old ones:

Chicago Whirlwinds

Seattle Symphony

St. Louis Spirits

Secondary/small logos

As you may have noticed, most of the teams shown above actually have two logos, a big one and a small one. That's true for most of the old teams too. You can see them all here or when you make a new league. The big logo will be used in places where there is more room, like the roster page. The small logo will be used where there is less room, like in the playoff bracket.

Both logos are editable within a league at Tools > Manage Teams. And for people who like to override the built-in default teams in BBGM real players leagues, you can specify primary/secondary logos in your overrides if you want.

That's it!

I hope you like all these new logos. I know it's not really central to gameplay, but I think it's fun. So expect some more in the future too, maybe with a more international focus...