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5 new international teams, 3 new American teams, and 4 rebranded teams

December 25, 2023-

Merry Christmas! My present to you: 12 new logos!

As always, thanks to users on Reddit and Discord for suggesting names and voting on them, even though I decided to overrule some of the results :)


11 new teams/logos, and an Australian relocation

August 2, 2023-

Thank you to everyone on Reddit and Discord for suggesting names for new teams in some international cities. I got the usual logo designer (Elliott Strauss) to make the logos, and he just finished this week.

There was also some good timing. Right about when these logos were getting finished, a user (utmothgirl on Discord) sent me a fun logo for a team from Kentucky. That is included in this update too.

And as the title mentions, there was also a relocation in this update. Right after I released the last batch of logos, some Australian users informed me that the Melbourne Convicts was a bad name because Melbourne was actually settled by free people, not convicts. So in this batch, I moved the Convicts to Sydney (which was actually settled by convicts) and added a new team in Melbourne.

Here are all the new teams:


ZenGM goes international: 10 new teams, including cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America

September 16, 2022-

I know there have been a lot of logo updates lately, but this one is especially exciting. Elliott Strauss is the designer who did most of the logos in my games, and he just finished a new batch of 10 teams. There are a few straggling North American cities, but it's mostly international.

You can use these teams in several ways. You can create a new custom league and click "Customize" next to the list of teams. You can go to Tools > Expansion Draft in an existing league and pick one of them as an expansion team. Or you can go to Tools > Manage Teams and relocate an existing franchise to one of these cities.

Or play ZenGM Hockey where Edmonton, New Jersey, and Winnipeg are in new leagues by default.


New teams in Anchorage and Quebec

September 13, 2022-

This time there are two new teams: the Quebec Voyageurs and the Anchorage Glaciers!


New team: the Albuquerque Thunderbirds

September 9, 2022-

There's a new team in the ZenGM universe, the Albuquerque Thunderbirds!


New team: the Oakland Blue Oaks

August 18, 2022-

There's a new team in the ZenGM universe, the Oakland Blue Oaks!


Built-in teams update: new teams, secondary logos, and more

May 17, 2021-

There's a few new things related to the built-in teams:


Logos for the new teams

June 29, 2020-

Elliot Strauss has done it again! The 10 new teams recently added to BBGM now all have awesome logos.


Logos for default teams

June 4, 2016-

The default teams now have logos! Thank you Elliott Strauss for all your hard work!

Currently you'll only see the logos on the roster page, which doesn't really do them justice. Eventually I will do a redesign to better utilize them. In the mean time, check them out here in their full glory:


New Team Regions and Names

As I described in my previous post, Basketball GM needed some new cities and team names. Thanks to your great suggestions, we narrowed it down to a short survey that got over 100 responses (thank you to featherfooted for setting it up). You can view the final survey results here.


The Great Realignment

The fact that by default Basketball GM uses the same cities as NBA teams is not very fun. I'm going to change that some time soon, but I want things to go as smoothly as possible. Here's what's going to happen: