New team: the Oakland Blue Oaks

August 18, 2022-

There's a new team in the ZenGM universe, the Oakland Blue Oaks!

This one is special because while all the other logos in the game were made by a professional designer, this one was made by a user. Thank you to BigBlue642#4640 from Discord for making this logo! It's based on the official Oakland logo and the blue oak tree, native to California.

I made the Blue Oaks one of the default teams in ZenGM Baseball, replacing San Jose. In the other sports, you can select it when creating a custom league or move an existing team to Oakland.

If there are any other aspiring logo designers out there, feel free to give it a try! If you make a good logo for a decent sized city, I'll probably include it in the game. The only technical constraints are that it should be in SVG format and it should look good at the resolutions used in game (roughly 256x256 for the big one and 32x32 for the small one). If you have something you want to share, please do!