ZenGM goes international: 10 new teams, including cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America

September 16, 2022-

I know there have been a lot of logo updates lately, but this one is especially exciting. Elliott Strauss is the designer who did most of the logos in my games, and he just finished a new batch of 10 teams. There are a few straggling North American cities, but it's mostly international.

You can use these teams in several ways. You can create a new custom league and click "Customize" next to the list of teams. You can go to Tools > Expansion Draft in an existing league and pick one of them as an expansion team. Or you can go to Tools > Manage Teams and relocate an existing franchise to one of these cities.

Or play ZenGM Hockey where Edmonton, New Jersey, and Winnipeg are in new leagues by default.

Beijing Celestials

Edmonton River Rats

Edmonton famously has no rats, but it does have muskrats, also known as river rats.

London Monarchs

Manila Monkey-Eating Eagles

It's another name for the Philippine eagle which is a really cool looking bird. But given some of the creative team names in the Philippine Basketball Association, I think "Monkey-Eating Eagles" sounds better than just "Eagles".

Melbourne Convicts

New Jersey Swamp Dragons

Nobody else was using this name, so I guess I can!

Paris Pigeons

Rio de Janeiro Capybaras

I know Rio isn't exactly known for capybaras, but for now this team represents the whole country of Brazil. And capybaras were my favorite animal at the zoo when I was a kid.

Tokyo Kaiju

"Kaiju" are giant monsters like Godzilla. Fitting name for a pro sports team!

Winnipeg Warhawks