11 new teams/logos, and an Australian relocation

August 2, 2023-

Thank you to everyone on Reddit and Discord for suggesting names for new teams in some international cities. I got the usual logo designer (Elliott Strauss) to make the logos, and he just finished this week.

There was also some good timing. Right about when these logos were getting finished, a user (utmothgirl on Discord) sent me a fun logo for a team from Kentucky. That is included in this update too.

And as the title mentions, there was also a relocation in this update. Right after I released the last batch of logos, some Australian users informed me that the Melbourne Convicts was a bad name because Melbourne was actually settled by free people, not convicts. So in this batch, I moved the Convicts to Sydney (which was actually settled by convicts) and added a new team in Melbourne.

Here are all the new teams:

Belgrade Sparrows

The sparrow is a symbol of Belgrade.

Berlin Bears

The bear is a symbol of Berlin and is on the coat of arms. The green color is because the German soccer team sometimes wears green.

Buenos Aires 10s

The name 10s is a triple entendre: (1) Argentine war of independence started in 1810; (2) the two most famous Argentinian athletes both wore #10; (3) you could say it's like a "10 out of 10", for example in a slam dunk contest. The arches in the secondary logo are inspired by the Mercado de Abasto.

Cairo Jackals

The ancient Egyptian god Anubis is sometimes portrayed as a jackal.

Jakarta Komodo Dragons

The island of Komodo is part of Indonesia.

Kaunas Knights

Based on the coat of arms of Lithuania.

Kentucky Buckets

It's a very subtle reference, but maybe some of you get it.

Madrid Matadors

Melbourne Drop Bears

The drop bear is a large, arboreal, predatory marsupial related to the koala.

Singapore Merlions

A merlion has the head of a lion and body of a fish, it's the official mascot of Singapore.

Sydney Convicts

You can see the logos for all teams on the logos page.