Recent development, some small improvements (including AV for kickers and punters!), and future plans

July 9, 2020-

Football GM has been in an interesting place in 2020. I haven't given it a lot of direct attention. I've been a lot more focused on Basketball GM. Despite that, Football GM has gotten a lot of improvements. This is because BBGM and FBGM are built from the same codebase. Except for very sport-specific things, any improvements are made in both games at the same time.

All of the recent improvements to FBGM (individual player import/export, challenge modes, the news feed, more frivolities, etc) were made this way. I was focused on improving BBGM, and FBGM just automatically benefited.

Sport-specific stuff matters too though. I know there are a lot of football issues with FBGM, and no amount of work on BBGM will address those. So I just want to let you guys know that I do plan on improving the actual football parts of FBGM. And as a show of good faith, today I released a bunch of small improvements.

In the title of this post I mention AV for kickers and punters. Obviously putting that in the title is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it still matters, even if only a little it. Turns out I had missed the latest AV writeup from Sports Reference which includes formulas for kickers in punters. That's fixed now.

In addition to AV for kickers and punters, I also just released these improvements:

Where next? Well, there is a long list of small bugs and feature requests, similar to the things listed above. I hope to continue working through them. There has also been a little talk about real rosters lately. Hopefully this turns out as great as it has for BBGM, however do keep in mind that it's a lot harder to make football rosters than basketball rosters. In football you have more players, more ratings, and worse stats to judge players on.

I'm not going to post a specific roadmap for my future plans because I am notoriously unreliable at predicting what I'm actually going to work on in the future. However you should expect that my time will at least be spent a little more evenly on both FBGM and BBGM.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Even if I don't immediately do what you ask me to do, I am listening.