NBA Bracketology - predict the NBA playoffs and win $20! No entry fee!

April 16, 2015-

    We're all NBA fans here, right? You might have noticed that the playoffs are starting soon. Brackets are super fun for college basketball, so why not the NBA too?

    If you want to give it a shot, join my group at NBA Bracketology. To make it interesting, I'll give $20 to the winner. No entry fee. It's free money! Come on, fill out a bracket.

    Customize random player names

    By default, Basketball GM uses random American names taken from the US Census. However if you’re making a custom league file designed to represent a basketball league in another country, it is annoying when the new players generated in your league all have names like "John Smith".

    Now, when creating a League File, you have the ability to define the list of names used for randomly generated players. For more info, check out the documentation.

    New feature: Multi Team Mode

    Today I added a new feature to Basketball GM called Multi Team Mode. Multi Team Mode lets you to control multiple teams within a league in the same way that you control one team by default. This enables a few new ways of playing Basketball GM:

    To try Multi Team Mode, create a new league or load an existing league. Enable God Mode (in the Tools menu) and then a new option called Multi Team Mode will appear in the Tools menu. Click that and it will let you select one or more teams to control.


    One million seasons!

    March 18, 2015-

    Today the one millionth season of Basketball GM was played! This is incredible! So far beyond what I ever imagined possible.

    Here are some interesting statistics at this milestone:

    I started tracking the number of seasons played about 2 years ago. But I don't think it will take another 2 years to get another million seasons!


    March 15, 2015-

    You can now go to Tools > Screenshot and it will save a screenshot of your current page to Imgur. Then you can easily share it on Twitter or Facebook or Reddit or wherever.

    Introducing Basketball GM Gold (no, it's not evil)

    March 1, 2015-

    I've talked to a lot of people about Basketball GM. One of the most common things people tell me is that I should be making a lot more money from it, since users tend to get pretty addicted to it (the average user plays 1 hour per day). Imagine things like this:

    The problem is, that's all fucking bullshit so I'm not doing it. I don't want a financial incentive to ruin gameplay for people who don't dump endless amounts of money into the game.

    Instead, I'm trying an experiment. As of right now, you can sign up for Basketball GM Gold for just $5/month. What do you get? Basically nothing, actually. No new features. No new abilities. Just one tiny thing: no ads. And the ads are already quite unobtrusive even without Basketball GM Gold!

    Why would anyone sign up for Basketball GM Gold? To support my mission of making a great basketball sim that anyone can play. To support a game that says "Fuck you!" to the lucrative "freemium" and "pay-to-win" trends. And most of all, because you think I'm a nice guy.

    I understand that there's a good chance nobody signs up for this and I just wasted my time by creating it. So I'm looking at this as an experiment. Can a quality game with a loyal userbase make a little money without fucking over that userbase? Let's see.

    And if this does turn into a success... well, it could mean great things for Basketball GM. Currently I work on the game as a part time hobby. What if it could be more than that? I have literally hundreds of things I want to improve in the game and time is the only limiting factor now. What if I could work on it full time, and maybe even hire someone else to work on it with me? If a relatively small fraction of users signed up for Basketball GM Gold, I'd have enough money to do that.

    Simulate through multiple seasons in one click

    February 7, 2015-

    New feature! Go to Tools > Auto Play Seasons and you can tell Basketball GM to simulate through any number of seasons. The AI will take over your team for you and play through multiple seasons without any user input required.

    I'm not sure how many people will actually benefit from this feature. I mainly made it for debugging. But I hope someone appreciates it!

    New feature: Statistical Feats

    February 3, 2015-

    Available now, view all the great performances in your league on one page. Just go to Stats > Statistical Feats. Triple doubles, 5x5s, 50 point games, etc. Eventually you will see this information pop up on player pages, team history pages, league history pages, and more. But for now, it's just on the Statistical Feats page, all in one place.

    Note that this will only track performances from now on. It won't go back through the history of your existing leagues.

    Easy stats export

    January 31, 2015-

    As of the latest version (2015.01.31.658), you can go to Tools > Export Stats within a league and export either player average stats or individual game stats. The exported file is in CSV format, which means you can easily view it in Excel or any other spreadsheet software if you want to more deeply analyze the stats in one of your leagues.

    I know it's missing a couple things now (playoff stats, team stats, shot locations, ...), but I want to make sure the core feature works well before implementing all of those.

    Basketball GM is back on GitHub, but not quite open source

    January 5, 2015-

    If you've been here a while, you may recall that Basketball GM used to be open source. Last year, I closed the source for various reasons. Now, I'm semi-opening it back up. My goal is to allow others to contribute to the development of Basketball GM without allowing a competitor to swoop in and just clone everything. I hope it works.

    So please, take a look at the code and read the license. If everything looks enticing and you want to help make Basketball GM better, please get in touch! There are tons and tons of ways Basketball GM could be improved, in many different areas.